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Why choose Internet Leased Line from Jeebr?

Jeebr, the leading lease line providers in Mumbai, has everything for a fast internet connection
While we work towards offer a high-speed connection, you will never regret on the level of service. At any instance, you can seek assistance from Jeebr that is proud to offer leased line services in Mumbai.

While we strive to offer a dedicated line with a speed you had ever thought about, we offer:

While Jeebr, the best leased line provider in Mumbai, understands the purpose of using the internet at home, we never fall back in meeting your needs. Regardless of how much time you spend online, we will not give you a chance to contact us for issues or fluctuations that can be very much annoying. Way ahead, as our team offers services at its level best, you can expect a consistency in the speed of the internet. Data flow stays secure owing to a secure internet connection.

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Incredible Speed

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Faster Connectivity


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What is a leased line?
A leased line is nothing but a communication channel that interconnects one location with another. As we offer internet leased line services in Mumbai, you have to agree to the terms of the service contract. This line ensures data flow at high speed for a fixed rate that we offer.
How does a Leased Line Internet connection work?
When you enter into a contract with the service provider, you can expect fast internet connection through bidirectional or symmetrical telecommunications line. Such a type of line enables data flow or exchange from one location to other. Do check out the plans that can meet your requirement before you avail leased line services in Mumbai.
What are the pros of using an Internet Leased Lines?
As compared to a broadband connection, an internet leased line offers the same speed while uploading and downloading files. Besides, the broadband connection speed is not as high as that of an internet leased line without any jitter. If you’re seeking a high-speed internet connection, then feel free to get in touch with the most reliable internet leased line providers in Mumbai.
What to must I do while setting up a leased line connection?
When you plan to set up a leased line connection, you first have to consider the users that are going to use the internet. You can further select the most suitable internet plan based on its regular usage. But you can figure out the cost depending on location of the leased line providers in Mumbai.
Why to choose Jeebr's Leased Line Connection?
When you approach Jeebr, the leading leased line providers in Mumbai, you are sure to expect maximum uptime. You wouldn’t face any issues while uploading or downloading any files as the internet connection is very much stable. It’s worth trusting Jeebr, because you can opt for a plan with a bandwidth as much as 300 Mbps. While we will be more than happy to assist you, we never compromise on the service quality.
Why would a business choose a leased line ahead of a normal broadband option?
While you think about a dedicated internet connection for your business, the line offers direct connection across the entire network. Unlike a broadband connection, multiple users don’t share the connection. Hence, you can expect high- connectivity and high internet speed at a fixed bandwidth most of the time.

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